Fixed Annuities in North Carolina

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Look Into Fixed Annuities For Additional Insurance

Living on a fixed income can prove to be difficult at times when there is not a safety net. With Hoffman Insurance, you can get the help you need to invest in a Fixed Annuity to help supplement your income when necessary. The best part is that it comes at no risk to your original investment. Contact us today to learn more about how a Fixed Annuity can relieve your financial stress.

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How Can A Fixed Annuity Help You?

A fixed annuity is an investment issued by an insurance company that pays a guaranteed rate of interest, with no risk to the principal. Essentially offering a steady, risk-free stream of returns over a set time-period, for a fee. Fixed annuities are like CDs issued by banks, but typically offer higher rates of return. They also enjoy some of the same tax benefits of life insurance policies by allowing for the accumulation of capital on a tax-deferred basis

In exchange for a lump sum of capital, a life insurance company credits the annuity account with a guaranteed fixed interest rate while guaranteeing the principal investment. A fixed annuity can be annuitized to provide the annuitant with a guaranteed income payout for a specified term or for life.

Fixed annuities can be deferred or immediate. Deferred annuities accumulate regular rates of interest, while immediate annuities make fixed payments (determined by your age and amount of your annuity) during retirement.

Fixed Annuities Offer Endless Benefits

Competitive Fixed Yields

The yield on fixed annuities is typically higher than the yield on equivalent risk-free investments and is often guaranteed for a period of 1 - 10 years.

Guaranteed Minimum Rates

As a measure of protection against declining interest rates, fixed annuity contracts include a minimum rate guarantee.

Tax-Deferred Growth

As a tax-qualified vehicle, fixed annuities offer tax-deferred accumulation of earnings.


Fixed annuities allow for one annual penalty-free withdrawal per year up to 10 percent of the account value.

Guaranteed Income Payments

Fixed annuities may be converted to an immediate annuity at any time to generate a guaranteed income payout for a specified time-period or for the life of the annuitant.

Safety of Principal

The life insurance company guarantees the capital invested in a fixed annuity. For that reason, investors should only consider investing with life insurance companies rated A or better for their financial strength.

Whether Deferred or Immediate, A Fixed Annuity Can Supplement Your Savings

Hoffman Insurance & Retirement Planning Inc. contracted with more than 50 of the highest-rated insurance carriers in the country. We represent the best fixed annuities products on the market and can help you find the best fit to achieve your retirement income goals. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get in touch with us today.

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